Fall Landscape Redesign

When redesigning landscaping or installing new plants the first consideration should always be,” is the plant or flower suitable for the area?” This means that the soil type, hardiness, sunlight exposure, water availability and the mature size of the flower or tree must all be considered. The last being very important particularly when planting near structures like pool screens.

Remember somebody may have to replace screens some day!

Perennials are dependable plants that live for more than 1 year in Florida’s tough subtropical climate. There are many varieties of plants that are reasonably hardy (yes we do have frosts in Florida) and can add that extra pop of color to your yard: We always try and suggest a 3 tier system, when room permits, so you have the larger plants to the rear and smaller plants in the front. Contact us if you would like us to help with you landscape re-design (407) 456-1369