Securing Frames/Hardware

We recommend checking your retaining wires for your pool screen, check that they exist and that they are tight, not over tight, but with a slight spring in it. Also check that your frame is bolted to the pool deck otherwise it might rearrange itself. The original bolts will rust; therefore they will need to be replaced. It's easy to check, kick the frame and if it moves give us a call!


The above will not help in a full blown hurricane but could save the day in very high winds. We also replace:

Door latches, Closers, Sweeps


To ensure as much of our nice creepy crawlies are kept out as possible, we also recommend sealing the pool frame to the pool deck to stop dirt washing or blowing in, plus stop another point of entry for our friends as they do get though some really small gaps!

Screen Door Hydraulic Arm

screen door hydraulic arm

Pool Screen Door Handles

pool screen door handles

Aside from the obvious framing there are many more components that require attention on a pool cage.


Doors have handles, latches, hydraulic arms, door sweeps and hinges all of which are subject to wear and tear. Cages also have tension wires to help hold down the cage. These should be checked for tautness and that the plates are not adversely affected by rust and that the adjustable tension bolts can be turned. Cages should also be checked where they join the deck to ensure bolts have not rusted away and frame has become loose and moves out of alignment.