What is Florida Glass?

florida glass pool screens


Florida Glass is a vinyl laminated fiberglass screen. The material does not have any holes, unlike standard fiberglass screen material. Also called vinyl windows.

Most commonly, Florida Glass is used in the bottom row of pool screen enclosures to offer a privacy barrier to those using the pool area. When installed, it has an opaque appearance, which limits the visibility from outside the enclosure, but still allows light to penetrate through the screen. Also used in Florida rooms for similar reasons. Some folks use it to completely screen in their Florida room from the elements.

florida glass pools

Before Florida Glass

florida glass screens

After Florida Glass Install

What are the benefits of using Florida Glass?

Many pool decks suffer from dirt, dust or grass clippings blowing through the screens. Some enclosures which back onto slopes also allow the ingress of water onto the deck. In these cases, Florida Glass can be used to replace the standard screen material, providing a barrier to prevent these problems.


Another benefit of Florida Glass is that it is considerably more durable than standard screen material, which also makes it ideal for use as a more robust option for customers who have pets.


We have also been asked to install Florida Glass to screen enclosures adjacent to foreclosed properties, to prevent homeowners or guests from seeing unsightly green pools or weed ridden decks.


Florida Glass can also be used as a weather barrier to prevent rain blowing into screen enclosures.

Where Can I Get Florida Glass?

Ludlow Services carry 36” wide Florida Glass in stock, which is usually sufficient to fit most bottom panels. Should larger panels be required the material can be obtained as a special order.


Ludlow Services offers Florida Glass installation in the following areas – Davenport, Kissimmee and Clermont.

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