July 2022:

Where We Were

Florida Glass
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Where We Were


More Like a Work Trip...An Overnight Trip To The Villages!


Although we have been reducing our service area for routine maintenance work, we are still able to travel further for larger screen and landscape projects.


We had a call from a homeowner who was referred to us by a friend we had done a screen job for. That job was in Kissimmee, but the enquiry was for a property up in The Villages. After confirming their requirements, we were able to help them, and as it was a 2 day job, we stayed overnight to reduce the travelling time.



landscaping before

florida glass before

florida glass before

florida glass before


landscaping after

florida glass after

florida glass after

florida glass after

The client wanted privacy for his pool enclosure, so we installed Florida Glass to both side elevations. As Florida Glass doesn't have holes in it, we also installed additional horizontal bar so we could retain some of the original screen higher up, to allow some airflow in the enclosure.


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We Now Offer Financing Options with 0% APR.

Financing Options Also Available On Florida Glass Installation & Select Screening Projects.

Florida Fun Fact: Alligator is the Official State Reptile


florida gator


Alligators are prevalent in Florida. American alligators are top predators and eat fish, other reptiles, birds, and mammals. Alligators execute a vital role as ecosystem engineers in wetland habitats by creating alligator holes. The holes provide refuge for other plants and animals. 

sunshine foundation gala

Sunshine Foundation Gala


After 2 years of having to make do with doing the gala virtually, we are excited to get back to having an in person event. The event is going to be held at the Omni Resort on October 22nd www.sunshinefoundation.org/2022gala



We do hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you or anyone you know has problems with their lawn, landscaping or pool screens, please feel free to contact us so we can take a look at it for you.


We offer great solutions and promise to take the problem off your hands!


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Jim & Steve