Screen Types

For those lucky enough to have a pool, most will notice it comes complete with a framed pool screen. Lots of tourists seem to think this is to help reduce the effects of UV rays from the sun. This is quite erroneous and gives rise to the numerous pink and sore people around town. Quite simple the screens are there for your protection, not from the sun but from all the creepy crawlies out there, not to mention snakes and alligators!


After a while, usually around 5 years , you will notice that the mesh in your screen will change color. From a nice dark black they will fade to a horrible silver color. This is all down to the effects of the sun. At this stage they are extremely brittle and will not take much in the way of wind, children or pets to become loose. Time for replacement!

Florida Glass

florida glass

Pet Screen

pet screens

Are there different types of screen?

Well yes there are, the most common alternates are Florida Glass and Pet screen but there are many others including a new anti UV ray screen so always ask.

types of screen

Florida Glass is ideal for privacy as it has an opaque plastic woven into the mesh so people cannot see in or hides an unpleasant view. It is also useful if you have pets as they cannot see out and therefore do not get so boisterous if they see a cat or a rabbit and risk the chance of damaging standard screen. I guess the same could be said of children! Another advantage is that it reduces the amount of dust, sand and dirt that can get blown into the pool as Florida Glass is not permeable.


Pet screen is a very heavy gauge screen material but still light enough to see through clearly. It is designed not to rip should your favorite four legged friend decide to have a go at next doors cat or something. It is expensive but very durable so hopefully it should last a lot longer than standard material.