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29. April 2016
Many pool decks suffer from dirt, dust or grass clippings blowing through the screens. Some enclosures which back onto slopes also allow the ingress of water onto the deck. In these cases, Florida Glass can be used to replace the standard screen material, providing a barrier to prevent these problems.

06. October 2015
When redesigning landscaping or installing new plants the first consideration should always be,” is the plant or flower suitable for the area?” This means that the soil type, hardiness, sunlight exposure, water availability and the mature size of the flower or tree must all be considered. The last being very important particularly when planting near structures like pool screens. Remember somebody may have to replace screens some day!

04. June 2015
A total of nine named storms, five hurricanes and one major hurricane are expected this season, according to the forecast prepared by The Weather Channel Professional Division.

15. April 2015
Pool screens are designed to allow us to enjoy Florida life to its best. You may have noticed some love bugs floating about. They are a little earlier than normal so leaving a pool screen torn or damaged is NOT a good idea. Cleaning up those bugs off your pool deck AND off the pool is no fun and can be quite costly.