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laying new sod
25. November 2019
If your lawn has seen better days, it may be time to replace it. While there is no hard and fast rule, generally if less than half of your grass is green and healthy, you may want to consider starting over by laying new sod. The best time to lay sod is when the weather is cooler, but the grass is still growing. For us Floridians, this means the ideal time for sod replacement is during spring time.

ludlows lawn care
16. February 2017
Although our winters aren't as harsh as up North, Floridians still look forward to the arrival of Spring. It's a time of renewal for nature and brings about new life to our lawns and gardens. We often use this time as our annual deep cleaning for our homes. At Ludlow's, it's a time to do some spring cleaning in the yard.

fall landscaping
02. November 2016
Florida Fall Landscaping! We don't often think much of the Florida fall landscape, but this is the perfect time of the year for planting…well, just about anything! The leaves may not be changing, but our yards are about to. Gardening in Central Florida is ideal in the cooler fall weather. The drop in temperature takes some of the stress off of the root systems of our plants, vegetables and grass. Taking this opportunity to have fresh sod placed on your yard will allow it to take root and...

lawn irrigation tips
14. September 2016
Irrigation is often regarded as the "set it and forget it" alternative to hand watering your lawn. Although this is true, there's still a few things to know about your sprinklers and when you should be using them. That's why we've put together a few irrigation tips and tricks, to keep you from overlooking some of the little details that make a big difference: First, you need to know how long to water your lawn.

lawn irrigation
11. August 2016
Irrigation systems are no replacement for good steady regular rainfall. Unfortunately, they are not very efficient in getting water to the roots of grass and plants where it is most needed. As we know, water is costly so it is essential that sprinkler systems work as efficiently as possible. Sprinklers need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are spraying correctly , stems are not sticking in the up position, tips are not blocked, seals are not leaking and not been run over by vehicles...

05. January 2016
When the weather forecast calls for freezing temperatures overnight, you don’t want to be rushing outside in the dark to cover your cold-sensitive plants. Citrus plants are especially sensitive to the colder temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your plants protected during overnight freezing temperatures:
06. October 2015
When redesigning landscaping or installing new plants the first consideration should always be,” is the plant or flower suitable for the area?” This means that the soil type, hardiness, sunlight exposure, water availability and the mature size of the flower or tree must all be considered. The last being very important particularly when planting near structures like pool screens. Remember somebody may have to replace screens some day!

18. March 2015
At times it becomes necessary to replace damaged grass with new. Damage can occur in a number of ways some of which include insect damage, irrigation problems and human traffic, once it becomes irreparable then it’s time to replace. The 2 most common types of grass used in Central Florida are Bahia and St Augustine, both of which have their good points and both of which have their bad points, but in either case there is a process to replacing sod.