Spring Cleaning Your Florida Lawn

ludlows lawn care

Although our winters aren't as harsh as up North, Floridians still look forward to the arrival of Spring.


It's a time of renewal for nature and brings about new life to our lawns and gardens. We often use this time as our annual deep cleaning for our homes.


At Ludlow's, it's a time to do some spring cleaning in the yard.

While looking out onto our lawns, the first thing our eyes are drawn to are the overgrown tree branches obstructing our views. We love the shade our oak trees provide, but the branches may have gotten out of hand. Unfortunately, you have neither the tools or time to get it taken care of and your spring clean up landscaping won't look complete with unruly tree branches. Trust the experts at Ludlow's to not only trim your trees, we'll also haul away the leftover mess so you don't have to deal with it.


What yard cleaning would be complete without raking up dead leaves? I know what you're thinking, that will take you all day. That's why we searched high and low for a solution, and we found it. Our latest addition, the Cyclone Rake, takes care of those pesky leaves in minutes. Even hard to reach places, like runoff trenches, are cleared with ease. After the yard clean up, the old leaves can be used as compost for your planters, crossing two things off of your to-do list at once!


Our final task in yard clean up is to refresh those planters. Breath new life into that neglected landscape by planting shrubs and flowers in your plant beds. Don't have much of a green thumb? No worries! We love to design and plant new landscaping for our clients.


Get that eye catching curb appeal without lifting a finger this year. Ludlow Services has the experience and reliability you depend on to get your lawn and garden to be the picturesque image you've always wanted. Call us today for your free estimate on spring clean up and landscaping in Kissimmee and surrounding areas at (407) 456-1369.