Protecting Your Plants And Trees During Overnight Freezing Temperatures

When the weather forecast calls for freezing temperatures overnight, you don’t want to be rushing outside in the dark to cover your cold-sensitive plants.  Citrus plants are especially sensitive to the colder temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your plants protected during overnight freezing temperatures:


  • Bed sheets, drop cloths, blankets and plastic sheets make suitable covers for vulnerable plants. However, remember to remove the coverings when temperatures rise the next day.
  • Bring container plants close together and, if possible, in a sheltered or enclosed spot close to the house.
  • Water the soil. Wet soil holds heat better than dry soil, protecting roots and warming air near the soil.

Plants can be resilient!

If you see signs of frost damage, do not prune off the affected parts or dig up the plant right away. Especially with palm trees. Wait until the weather warms up to see whether new leaves sprout. You may see healthy new growth at the base of the plant, at which point you can prune out the damaged parts. If no regrowth is noted, remove the dead specimen and replace it with a more cold friendly plant. Ludlows Services can help with removal and new planting, just give us a call (407) 456-1369