Is It Sod Replacement Time?

At times it becomes necessary to replace damaged grass with new. Damage can occur in a number of ways some of which include insect damage, irrigation problems and human traffic, once it becomes irreparable then it’s time to replace.


The 2 most common types of grass used in Central Florida are Bahia and St Augustine, both of which have their good points and both of which have their bad points, but in either case there is a process to replacing sod.

Firstly the area should be marked out and then sprayed with weed killer to kill off existing growth (usually weeds).


After growth has died off the area should be tilled over, leveled and raked out to provide a nice even service. The irrigation should be marked out and system checked to ensure good coverage before the final step of installing the new sod.


 The last thing to remember is that new sod needs to be watered in so irrigation systems should be set to come on every day to water the new sod, plus a fungicide treatment should be applied in the first week to prevent fungal infections.

Before Sod Replacement

After Sod Replacement