July 2021:

Where We Were
Sunshine Foundation

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Where We Were


Steve was eventually able to travel to UK to sort out his visa at the US Embassy in London.


His appointment had been canceled on multiple occasions due to Covid, so he hadn’t seen friends or family in UK since 2019.


With the isolation requirements involved, he was on hand to help with some decorating at his parent’s house – looks like his Dad has got the right idea!


One of a number of landscaping jobs completed involved clearing out the majority of the existing planting in a front bed. The client wanted a cleaner look with stone and edgings. He wanted a clean space for him to place some potted plants he wanted to utilize.


landscaping before


landscaping after

Sunshine Foundation Virtual Gala

sunshine foundation gala

Regular readers of our newsletter will know we work closely with the Sunshine Foundation Charity, and we had our first gala committee meeting this month. Their gala was virtual last year and will be virtual this year again. Look out for updates in next Month’s newsletter.

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