Landscape Design

Research has shown that upgrading your property's landscape design can significantly increase the

value and curb appeal of your home. Landscape design is a home improvement that not only adds value immediately, but can also increase in value over the years.

Landscape design involves more than planting a few flowers.

Please keep in mind when planting flowers or scrubs the plant size, maturity and diversity of plants are important.

Here are a few ways to increase your home value with landscaping:

  1. Renovate your lawn – eliminate weeds and bare patches for a full, lush lawn
  2. Plant trees and scrubs – these can add privacy and define an area
  3. Select colorful plants and flowers – this can add natural beauty to your landscaping
  4. Use native plants to your area – plants suited to your climate and soil will last for years
  5. Install landscape lighting – showing off your hard work isn't just for the daytime
  6. Create an outdoor patio for entertaining with fireplace or fire pit – a defined outdoor space for
  7. entertaining will go a long way to make your property more desirable
  8. Adding pavers to walkway - This can add value while decreasing maintenance.


With the help of Ludlow Services we can create a gorgeous landscape that will enhance the value of your home. We can match landscape design to your home style. If you don't have a plan for your landscaping we can make suggestions and put together a strategy for you.