April 2018

Where were we this month?

Summer Schedule

Irrigation Project

Where were we this month?

Although we have worked most Saturdays this month we still managed to fit in some R&R. We went to the opening game of the season for Florida Firefrogs – they was a 2 hour rain delay before they could throw the first pitch, but they managed to complete the game in the end. We also went to the Central Florida Beer Festival which was hosted by Revolution Off Road in Clermont, with proceeds going to The Sunshine Foundation. There were 18 different brewers offering their beer.

Darwin Brewing had a very cool set up on their van with beers hooked up to the rear doors – a possible modification we could make to our irrigation van?

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Irrigation Project

One project we completed this month was to extend a customer’s irrigation system to cover the area around a new pool they had built.


We had to run new pipework from the valves and add sufficient sprinklers heads to cover new sod which we also installed. We also had to run new valve wiring from the valves back to the irrigation controller as the original wiring was damaged during the pool construction.


The photos show what the job looked like when we quoted it back in February, and also during installation of the new pipework.

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florida fun fact

Did You Know That Alligators Can Climb?


Just when you thought climbing a tree was safe...Tree-climbing is actually “surprisingly common” behavior for alligators. They have also been spotted climbing metal fences as well.

Alligators do not like to run long distances, and although they can travel very quickly in the water, they are typically slower moving on land. However, even with their heavy bodies and slow metabolisms, alligators are capable of short bursts of speed that can exceed 30 miles per hour.

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