February 2018

Where were we this month?

Pool Care Update

Florida Glass

ludlows lawn care

Where were we this month?

It was Steve’s turn to visit friends and family in UK. Whilst we were enjoying higher than average temperatures here in Central Florida, he was dealing with snow and ice. On his travels he also stopped off in Dublin...

guinness storehouse


...and took the opportunity to visit the Guinness Storehouse.


For those of you who know him, you won’t be surprised to learn he graduated from the Guinness Academy!

Pool Care

After 11 years offering pool service, we have decided to cease to concentrate on our other services. From 1st March 2018 all pool related issues will be dealt with by Royal Wave Pool Service – Tel: 407 334 0789 or email info@royalwavepoolservice.com


As the same pool personnel will continue to service the pools, we hope this will provide a seamless transition for our pool customers, and we would like to thank them all for their custom over the years.

royal wave pool service

Florida Glass

With all the new construction showing no sign of letting up, we have experienced an increase in requests for privacy screens. Many new homes are built so close to the neighboring property that pool areas are often completely overlooked from either side, and sometimes from the rear too.


Generally, we are asked to replace the bottom panels with Florida Glass privacy screen, but the other popular other area is the covered lanai area. This can allow owners or guests to relax on the deck unobserved.

florida fun fact

Florida Fun Fact: Coral Reef


Florida is the only state in the continental United States to have extensive shallow coral reef formations near its coasts.

We do hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you or anyone you know has problems with their lawn, landscaping or pool screens, please feel free to contact us so we can take a look at it for you.


We offer great solutions and promise to take the problem off your hands!


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Warmest regards,


Jim & Steve