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lawn irrigation tips
14. September 2016
Irrigation is often regarded as the "set it and forget it" alternative to hand watering your lawn. Although this is true, there's still a few things to know about your sprinklers and when you should be using them. That's why we've put together a few irrigation tips and tricks, to keep you from overlooking some of the little details that make a big difference: First, you need to know how long to water your lawn.

lawn irrigation
11. August 2016
Irrigation systems are no replacement for good steady regular rainfall. Unfortunately, they are not very efficient in getting water to the roots of grass and plants where it is most needed. As we know, water is costly so it is essential that sprinkler systems work as efficiently as possible. Sprinklers need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are spraying correctly , stems are not sticking in the up position, tips are not blocked, seals are not leaking and not been run over by vehicles...